Apocalypse Has Converted the RAM 1500 TRX Into a $250,000 USD 6×6 Beast

The RAM 1500 TRX is no doubt a beast of a pickup truck in itself, but Florida’s Apocalypse has now dialed things all the way up to 11 with its own 6×6 modification of the vehicle.

Aptly dubbed the “Warlord,” the six-wheeler has been impeccably built to retain most of the truck’s stock aesthetics — so much so that it actually looks like it was created by RAM itself. With an extra axle subtly hidden underneath the truck bed, the car now pushes out all 700 horsepower from its supercharged Hellcat engine through all six of its wheels, giving you all the grip you’d ever imagine needing. Just to top things off, Apocalypse is also offering a list of adventurous add-ons including LED lights, larger 40-inch tires, and even thermal night vision.

While the Warlord is no doubt a beast of a machine, it does however come with a proportionate cost: $250,000 USD, which is pretty much three times the retail price of an entry-level 1500 TRX. Regardless, if you’d like to learn more about the truck, you can head over to Apocalypse’s website.

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