A Surprising Member of the British Royal Family Honored Her Years-Long Friendship with Lisa Marie Presley in a Heartfelt Tribute

Lisa Marie Presley was a vivacious person, and it seems like she made friends wherever she went: including becoming BFFs with a member of the British Royal Family. After learning about the shocking death of her friend, Sarah Ferguson honored Presley with a heartfelt post on her social media.

On Jan 12, the Duchess of York uploaded a framed photo of her and Presley with the heartfelt caption, “I say hello to you everyday and I love you my sissy and I will continue to say hello to you everyday. You were my sissy, an amazing mother to Ben, Riley, Harper and Finley and a superbly loving daughter to Priscilla. You have been my devoted friend for many years and I am here for your family to support and love them. I am deeply saddened my sissy, you are in my heart.”


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In the photo, we see Sarah and Presley posing cheek to cheek and smiling, clearly showing how close they were.

According to Page Six, the two met back in 2010 when Presley lived in Sussex, England with her ex-husband Michael Lockwood and “hit it off straight away.” Over the years, Presley and the Tea for Ruby children’s author because very close, helping each other out in hard times like scandals, divorces, deaths, etc. They had a beautiful friendship, with a close friend telling Page Six that “they really bonded as sisters.”

On Jan 12, the world was incredibly saddened by the loss of Presley. She was the only child to King of Rock ‘n’ Roll legend Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley, later becoming a songstress of her own. She is survived by her three daughters Riley, 33, and twin Finley and Harper, 14.

Lisa Marie passed at the age of 54 from a shocking cardiac arrest. Our hearts are with her family and friends during this tragic time.

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