A New 'Silent Hill' Game Might Finally Be In the Works

For years, Silent Hill fans have been asking for a new installment, and there’s a chance that something might finally be in the works. The new leaks come from horror game insider Dusk Golem, who posted a series of now-removed screenshots over on Twitter alleging that they depict a brand new Silent Hill title currently in development by Blair Witch studio Bloober Team.

While some have argued that the screenshots could very well be for another horror or thriller title such as Resident Evil, the leaker also provided more details on what the game might entail, including the fact that the screenshots were from 2020 and that there are actually more than one Silent Hill game currently being produced.

He added that the game in question will incorporate real-world “SMS messages,” which corroborates with previous reports from former video game journalist and YouTube personality Alanah Pearce, who claimed that a previous Silent Hill title being developed by Hideo Kojima wanted to incorporate real-life text messages.

For now, other details revolving around the project remain scarce, but Dusk Golem says that he’s holding onto more information that he won’t be revealing just yet, so fans of the longstanding franchise should definitely stay tuned for more updates to come.

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