A Graham Cracker Flavor KitKat Mini Releases in Japan

Adding to the incredible lineup of flavors Nestlé has already released in Japan, KitKat Mini has now received a “Wholewheat Flour Biscuit” flavor.

The graham cracker or digestive biscuit-like take on the beloved snack was developed for health-conscious consumers. Maintaining the same wafer interior, wholewheat has been incorporated into the chocolate coating for a pale brown look. Aside from adding an additional textural element, the wholewheat also imparts a distinct taste and aroma to mini chocolate bars.

Priced at ¥129 and ¥540 JPY (approximately $1.20 and $5 USD), Wholewheat Flour Biscuit KitKat Minis will be available in Yu Nagaba illustrated 3-packs and 13-packs in supermarkets, grocery stores and other retail locations in Japan with stateside imports expected to come in the near future.

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