7 Movie Sequels That Were Really Bad, And 7 Movie Sequels That Need To Be Made Immediately

1.No one can deny that Mean Girls and Mean Girls 2 aren’t exactly equal…

2.But don’t you wish there was a sequel to The Breakfast Club?

I just wanna know what happened after detention.

3.The Hangover was hilarious, The Hangover Part II was kinda funny, yet we can all agree that we didn’t need The Hangover Part III

Like, just how many mishaps can those guys get into?

4.…But where is Bridesmaids 2?!

Don’t you wanna see Annie and the gang back in action?

5.Home Alone 3 really tarnished the reputation of the original Christmas classic.

That new kid had nothing on Kevin.

6.But we’re still waiting for a second feature-length Simpsons Movie.

Watching five episodes back to back just isn’t the same.

7.No offence to Stuart Little, but one movie about him was enough…

8.We’re still wondering what happened when E.T went back home though.

I just want him to reunite with Elliott!!

9.There was a reason that Mulan II went straight to video…

Mulan was perfect as it was.

10.But it’s safe to say we’ve all got our fingers crossed for an Inside Out, part two.

We wanna know what went down in the Headquarters when Riley turned 13.

11.Do you remember Son Of The Mask?

Yeah, neither do I…

12.So The Mask got a sequel, but we never got the follow up to Mrs. Doubtfire that we all deserved.

Didn’t you wanna know what happened when Daniel got his own TV show?!

13.Can you believe there are two sequels to Despiciple Me?!

There are also two prequels, but that’s a whole other story.

14.Yet we still don’t know what happened to Boo at the end of Monsters, Inc.

Yes, I know we had Monster’s University, but we need closure.

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