17 People Who Saw A Dog In Need And Came To The Rescue

1.This vet who ate out of a dog bowl to encourage a scared rescue to eat out of theirs:

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7.These laundry shop employees who protected a pup in need from being taken to a kill shelter:

u/kevinowdziej / Via reddit.com

8.These bar employees who always leave the patio warmers on overnight so that stray dogs won’t be cold:

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9.This dog groomer who visits a New York shelter weekly and gives dogs free haircuts:

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10.These employees who allowed a stray dog to sleep inside the shop because it was way too cold outside:

11.This person who rescued their downstairs neighbor’s dogs after their apartment flooded with three feet of water:

12.These kids who read to dogs at shelters so that the pups aren’t as stressed and lonely:

13.These people who helped rescue a dog that had fallen down a large well:

14.These people who stopped their cars so a dog could safely cross the street at a crosswalk:

15.This person who created a ramp for their dog after they noticed that the pup has trouble walking down stairs:

16.This person who gave this pup a forever home:

17.And finally, this person who built a whole train for the stray dogs he rescued:

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