14 Dogs Posts From This Week That'll Make You Say, "Welp, Time To Adopt A Dog"

1.This one went wild for carpeted floors!!!

2.This Pride pupper took the parade by storm:

3.Lil’ Mochi couldn’t take his eyes off of this beauty!!!

4.This pup DID ? THE ? DAB ?:

5.This pug waited patiently for his BFF:

6.This little lady learned sign language with her mom!!!

7.Worlds collided when Iron Doggo and Captain America met for the FIRST TIME!!!

8.Della here was definitely NOT hiding anything at all!!!

9.Cookie tried a fresh new ~lewk~:

10.This one was simply NOT amused!!!

11.This lil’ pup protec and attac:

12.This good girl enjoyed a delicious birthday dinner!!!

13.This one got some purrfect tummy scratches:

14.And finally, Fluffy Dog™ made his way downtown:

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