Writer Anna Peele’s Tweet About Armie Hammer Is Getting Attention & Causing a Guessing Game Online

Writer Anna Peele has a tweet that is going viral about Armie Hammer and has Twitter playing quite the guessing game.

If you don’t know, Anna is a culture writer and editor who has written cover features for Esquire, GQ, The Hollywood Reporter, and Billboard, among others.

Anna wrote the following tweet, “Re: Armie: I once mentioned him during an interview with a much-loved actor. The actor asked me to turn off my recorder so he could talk about how @annehelen’s Buzzfeed feature got AH exactly right.”

Fans are trying to deduce who she may be talking about based on who she has interviewed in the past.

If you don’t know, The Buzzfeed feature that Anna is referring to is Anne Helen Petersen‘s piece that was published in 2017 titled “Ten Long Years of Trying to Make Armie Hammer Happen.”

The article directly asked the question, “How many second chances does a handsome white male star get?” and says, “Ultimately, the problem isn’t that Armie Hammer was given this many chances to happen. It’s that the system that ensured those chances – along with those given to so many other white men – also withholds chances, leeway, and faith from those who need and would benefit from them most.”

Armie slammed the article at the time and he continued tweeting at Anne long after the article was published.

All of these stories about Armie are coming up now because of some alleged leaked DMs, that one celebrity claims are real, that he himself has denied.

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