Will Butler Announces Departure From Arcade Fire

Will Butler has announced his departure from Arcade Fire after two decades with the band. In a series of tweets, Butler revealed that he left band at the end of last year.

“Hi friends— I’ve left Arcade Fire. I left at the end of last year, after the new record was complete. There was no acute reason beyond that I’ve changed—and the band has changed—over the last almost 20 years. Time for new things,” he wrote.

Arcade Fire was founded by Butler’s brother Win in the early 2000s. Butler joined the band in 2004 ahead of their debut album, Funeral.

The band had last week announced the news of their sixth album, WE, and also dropped first single “The Lightning I, II,” in which Butler did not appear.

Butler also revealed that he has begun work on a new solo album, which will follow 2020’s Generations, among other projects.

“Thank you to anyone who’s come out to AF shows, or bought a record, or loves our music. It’s meaningful to be part of your lives. Thank you to the crew, staff, management, label people, bands, artists, and friends who have helped bring our vision to life for so many years,” he added. “The band are still my friends and family. I’ll be around! See you around!”

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