We Made the Cast of 'Cheer' Face Off in a Viral TikTok Challenge

Hello, I’m nearly positive that we created the collab of your (and our) dreams: Cosmo x TikTok challenges x the Navarro Cheer Team. You’re welcome.

So here’s what’s up. Your favorite cast members from the hit Netflix show Cheer had only 90 seconds to learn a random viral TikTok dance and perform it in front of the cameras for all of you. Oh, what’s the catch you ask? Their head coach Monica was going to judge them. Good thing the cast is used to performing under pressure (and with bruised ribs, sprained ankles, etc., etc.)

First up was Gabi, who was laser-focused on learning the video during the practice round but then looked scared sh*tless when she realized this challenge was going to be a lotttt harder to follow than her usual back handsprings.

And then Jerry faced an ultra-technical hand TikTok that, let’s be real only a championship-winning cheerleader can successfully complete. And then we had Morgan who claimed she’s “not good at TikTok,” but I’m gonna take a shot in the dark and fully call her bluff because…well…you’ll see.

Lexi and La’Darius rounded out the challenge with those award-winning dance moves we all know and love deeply. Even though La’Darius himself straight up said, “I don’t do TikTok but I know that song ’cause I like DaBaby.” Welp! He does TikTok now!

In the end, one of the five walked away with the prestigious title of “Winner of the Cosmo TikTok Challenge” but we’re not going to spoil that here. Ya gotta watch the vid to find that out! Also, don’t be surprised if you find yourself rewatching this video a couple hundred times―it’s perfectly natural and we’re here for you.

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