Watch Lil Nas X Show Off His Skateboarding Skills at the Skate Park With Tony Hawk

Remember when Lil Nas X teamed up with Billy Ray Cyrus on ‘Old Town Road’? The 22-year-old singer has just debuted an even more surprising collab on social media: 53-year-old pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk.

In a characteristically funny TikTok video which the musician shared across all of his socials, Nas hits the skateboarding park and announces to the camera: “Today I’m going to be doing some airs, maybe a mid twist. Let’s go!” Then, in one of the most intentionally, hilariously clumsy edits of all time, Nas is replaced by Hawk, who then shows off his skills on the half-pipe, before returning to the top and “transforming” back into Nas, who says with a smile: “And that’s how you skateboard.”

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the pair have absolutely nothing in common, but in fact both Lil Nas X and Tony Hawk have sold merch this year containing their blood; in Nas’ case it was Nike Air Max 97 sneakers which he modified into “Satan shoes”, while Hawk was selling “Hawk Blood Deck” skateboards.

Nas faced widespread criticism for his “Satan shoes,” so much so that he turned the public outrage into a fictional court case and sent himself to prison for the ‘Industry Baby’ video. Hawk, however, didn’t receive anywhere near the same level of criticism, leading Nas to point out double standards on social media last week. But he’s certainly not holding anything against Hawk personally, judging from the good time they seem to be having at the skateboarding park.

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