‘WandaVision’ Leaks Are Happening & Fans Want the Spoilers to Stop

Marvel fans who are loving the week-by-week format of WandaVision will want to stay away from reading about the show on social media because there are leaks spreading around for future episodes.

Four out of nine episodes have been released so far on Disney+ and the remaining five episodes will premiere across the next five weeks. The finale will debut on March 5.

Lots of fans are talking about the leaks right now on social media and the general consensus is that they want the spoilers to disappear from their feeds. Many fans are trying to have a spoiler-free viewing experience with WandaVision and they are urging fans not to reshare the leaks.

We won’t be sharing any details on the leaks, but can confirm that one of the leaked clips appears to be a “commercial” that will appear in a future episode.

Beyond the Trailer’s Grace Randolph, who has been covering Marvel and WandaVision extensively, says that this may be the “worst” breach of security for Marvel that she’s ever seen.

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