Vladimir Putin Vows to Expand Bilateral Relations With North Korea

In a letter sent to North Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un, the President of Russia suggest the two countries ‘expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts.’

AceShowbiz -Vladimir Putin wants to forge closer ties with North Korea. He wrote to the nation’s leader Kim Jong Un to suggest the two countries work on their bond and “expand the comprehensive and constructive bilateral relations with common efforts.”

According to North Korea’s state media, KCNA, the Russian leader’s letter was delivered to Pyongyang on Monday, August 15, North Korea’s liberation day. The note is said to have gone on to say a union would help “strengthen the security and stability of the Korean peninsula and the Northeastern Asian region”.

In a separate reply, Mr. Kim said as a Russian-North Korean friendship had been forged in the Second World War with victory over Japan, the “strategic and tactical cooperation, support and solidarity” between the nations had reached a new level.

It added they were bound by their common efforts to frustrate threats from “hostile military forces.” KCNA did not specify the “hostile forces”, but it has typically used the phrase to refer to America and its global allies. Mr. Kim, 38, said in July that North Korea was ready to mobilize its nuclear war deterrent “accurately” and “promptly” to face down potential military conflicts with the US or South Korea. The same month, North Korea recognized two Russian-backed breakaway “people’s republics” in eastern Ukraine as independent states.

Ukraine, which has been bombarded by 69-year-old Putin’s forces since February immediately severed relations with Pyongyang over the move. It comes as Russia’s National Guard says it has detained 50 suspected Ukrainian nationalists in the occupied south in a clear attempt to showcase to the Kremlin their efforts to stamp out underground resistance.

The National Guard, which usually dealt with protest rallies at home before the war, said in a statement on Monday, August 15, that the unidentified people were being held in the Zaporizhzhia and Kherson regions. It added some of them had weapons stashes, including two dozen grenade launchers, 12 portable surface-to-surface missile systems, rifles and ammunition. Authorities did not say if those being detained were facing charges, simply labeling them “suspected members of Ukrainian nationalist groups.”

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