Vicki Gunvalson Issues Statement on Shannon Beador Drama [Exclusive]

Just days ago, both Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge unfollowed Shannon Beador.

Tamra quickly made it clear that she feels that Shannon is a "fake friend" and, perhaps, always was.

Vicki did not say anything … at first.

Now, the once and forever OG of the OC has given The Hollywood Gossip an exclusive statement.

1.Vicki speaks!

2.Things are really changing

3.It was the end of an era

4.What gives?

5.But hey, that's okay!

6…. and a fiancee!

7.Her career lasted longer than many marriages

8.Vicki is gone, but not forgotten

9.Vicki isn't the only one to quit

10.Tamra is out!

11.Tamra explained

12.There are hints that Tamra could return

13.Tamra starred for 12 years

14.And look at them now

15.Friends stick together, right?!

16.There were TRES Amigas

17.Shannon is still on the show

18.So … Shannon is all alone against Kelly Dodd?

19.Apparently, not so much

20.That photo set off a firestorm

21.They BOTH unfollowed Shannon

22.Tamra let Shannon have it

23.Harsh words!

24.Yes, they've had issues before …

25.What about Vicki?

26.Here's what Vicki has to say:

27.Vicki says that there are bigger concerns.

28.Shannon is the least of her concerns

29.Shannon's not the only one who's not on her mind

30.We all have bigger worries right now


32.For now …

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