Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown Talk Being in the Same Bed During Quarantine

The Bachelorette fans wanted Hannah Brown to find love after seeing her struggle up to the end of her season. Fans were hopeful when she reconnected with Tyler Cameron. Now the reality stars are talking about what really happened from being in the same bed to going separate ways after not speaking to each other.

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown reconnected in quarantine

Cameron was in isolation with six of his friends in Florida. They called themselves the Quarantine Crew and Brown later joined them.

They would then post TikTok videos together. This led to rumors that Brown and Cameron were dating again. They claimed they were just friends and Brown later left Florida.

They claimed they didn’t hookup

The former reality stars posted a video explaining how they reconnected. Brown said she texted Cameron after she heard about his mom dying. They also got in contact with each other after her brother overdosed.

They later spent time together in the quarantine crew partially as an escape. Brown and Tyler talked about the rumors around their friendship at the time.

He said people were “turning what we were doing into a super, like a pressure cooker situation. We were just like under pressure the whole time. And two, some of it was our fault because we did kind of play into it. We were having fun with it.”

They started making videos to have fun, but fans’ comments about them dating added to the pressure. “People think we were hooking up the whole time,” Brown said.

“Eighteen days in the same bed. Never kissed,” Cameron added. “Well you kept farting,” he joked. Cameron said he wanted them to focus on forming a friendship.

They admitted there was tension between them at times. “I’m sure there were days we didn’t talk to each other,” Brown said. Cameron agreed.

That’s because Cameron kept saying they should just take time to figure things out. Brown said she was confused by this and wanted to talk more about it while he didn’t. Eventually, they decided to go their separate ways.

Where do they stand after ‘The Bachelorette’?

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Cameron recently gave an update on where his relationship stands with Brown. He told Access that they did struggle during their time together in isolation.

“We were both in really tough places during the quarantine, mentally and emotionally. So we just had a hard time being each other’s friend during that. We kind of didn’t expect to be stuck with each other for 18 days,” he said.

“And then we struggled with our friendship and all that,” he continued. “We’ve had a lot of really great talks lately and have been able to talk things out and really have a healthy friendship which is like what we’ve struggled with.”

It sounds like they’re in a better place. Fans might not be able to expect them to date any time soon, but they might find more videos of them together.

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