Tori Roloff Provides the Precious Baby Update We All Need Right Now

You know what they say, right?

Not all heroes wear capes?

It’s a cliche because it’s true… sometimes, they wear baby spit-up on basically every item of clothing they own.

Such is the case for Tori Roloff, the beloved Little People, Big World star who knows the world is in a dire place these days.

She knows everyone is scared about the Coronavirus and unsure where things go from here and that everyone is (hopefully) stuck at home at the moment.

Thankfully, however, the TLC personality has gone ahead and given folks a reason to smile for perhaps the first time in days:

New photos of her daughter Lilah, along with an update on where she’s at — now that she’s somehow four months old already!

“4 – months – old!” wrote Tori as a caption to the two photos above on Thursday, acknowledging the insanity of this Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent shut down of America by adding:

“What crazy times we are in right now!!

“Hoping to bring some smiles into the world with Lilah girls update!!

“Girl LOVES her hands (see second photo) so ya… she’s not currently following CDC guidelines.”

As she has done in the past about once per month, Tori proceeded to rundown a list fo Lilah’s milestones and interests. To wit;

Lilah does not like sleep any more so that’s fun.

Girlsie has rolled over twice (trying to convince her to take tummy time seriously is hard to do).

When she is happy this girl lights up a room with those smiles.

There was more, too, from the woman who was recently baptized:

Lilah loves to talk to us and makes great eye contact.

She’s obsessed with Jackson and smiles when he talks to her.

Pretty sure Lilah is a fish because of how much she loves the bath.

Tragically, it’s impossible to say or do almost anything right now without referencing the situation we all find ourselves in.

Which is why Roloff concluded:

Being isolated from the rest of the world currently is a little more fun when I get to spend happy moments with my lilah girl! We love you Baby Lilah Ray!

Tori also cited how her family is social distancing in even more detail, first posting the precious photo below of her two kids, Lilah and Jackson:

And then writing as a caption:

Day 4 of social distancing and mom makes us wear matching outfits for no reason. I hope you’re all doing well.

’m thankful for our health and ability to be okay with staying home. I know that’s not the case for everyone- and for their sake I pray this all passes quickly!!

I’m trying really hard to use this time as intentional family time.

However with a baby who loves to cry (oh I mean talk) I’m not always the best at keeping it together.

Moments like this remind me to keep up my spirits and I’m thankful for a husband that knows when to give me a break (he’s currently on a drive with girlsie) and for Jackson who asks me to hold “baby Lilah Ray” now.

Tori and her loved ones return with new episodes of Little People, Big World on March 31.

So we have that to look forward to at least.

Here’s an idea of what to expect from the season:

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