The state of the country! Noddy Holder says Christmas lyrics are still valid

slade – merry christmas everybody

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Noddy Holder, 75, was the lead singer and guitarist in the band Slade, one of the most successful bands in the 1970s. Their Christmas single Merry Xmas Everybody, released in 1973 has hit the charts in the festive period nearly every year since and Noddy has set the record straight on why.

It really has only just begun.

Noddy Holder

The successful song charted eight times in the 80s, twice in the 90s and every year since 2006.

At the moment the song is currently 30 in the charts and has been streamed 88 million times on Spotify.

To date, over one million copies of the song have been sold in the UK alone.

In an interview with The Guardian, Noddy spoke about the song and why he believes it is still such a hit now.#

He said: “We never dreamt that it would still be so popular.

“I came up with the line ‘Look to the future now, it’s only just begun,’ because the country at the time was in a terrible state with electricians, bakers, miners and gravediggers all on strike.

“It’s just as valid today because of the state of the country.

“Look to the future, it really has only just begun.”

He said people will always “associate” him with Christmas, which makes him feel like “Santa’s little helper”.

Noddy joined the band in 1966 after the drummer Don Powell convinced him to join.

The pair formed a very successful songwriting partnership, composing most of the band’s songs.

They clocked up 21 hit singles and released 15 albums in their 25-year career as the original lineup.

After 26 years with Slade, Noddy left in 1992 to pursue a career away from music.

He then had regular stints as a radio presenter, television personality and voice-over artist due to his distinctive voice.

Due to Merry Xmas Everybody’s popularity, The Guardian asked the singer how much money he makes in royalties.

Noddy answered: “Well, I can’t put a figure on, because it’s just different every year.

“It’s like having a hit record every year. So it’s a nice pension plan, I’ll say that.”

The Performing Right Society (PRS) has quoted the band make around £512,000 annually, with the Daily Mail believing it’s £1 million.

The hit song was written during one sitting in a pub, after a challenge from one of the band’s elderly relatives.

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