The New York Times published a photo of Venus Williams in an article about Serena

Throughout this week, Serena Williams has been promoting her latest project, Serena Ventures. Serena has been in the venture-capital game for years, because she saw an opening. That opening: the lack of start-up money and venture capital going to women of color. So that’s what Serena Ventures is all about, funding businesses founded by women of color, and/or businesses which serve diversity. Her inaugural fund has raised $111 million and she’s been promoting it all week, as I said. She’s been giving interviews to CNBC, Bloomberg and the New York Times. The New York Times’s piece landed on the front page of their Business section. When Serena looked at the print edition of the Times, she noticed something awful: the Times used a photo of her older sister Venus Williams in the article and identified Venus as “Serena.”

— Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) March 2, 2022

In case you can’t see that, I cropped the photo:

This is wrong. This is racist. Serena has every right to be upset. She’s truly going on CNBC to talk about how important it is to bring more diversity into the business world and the Business section of the PAPER OF RECORD just threw up a photo of Venus? Can we f–king not? A huge part of this is obviously racism, but there’s another part of it which is just sloppy editorial work. How many people double-checked this at the Times?

PS… Not only that, I’m offended by “Tennis Star” instead of her name in the headline too. Serena is famous enough to be identified by her g–damn name in a New York Times headline!!

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Serena’s social media.

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