Testament Frontman and Tour Crew Tested Positive for Coronavirus After Returning From Europe

Chuck Billy, his wife Tiffany and several crew members have all been quarantined before their diagnosis came out, whereas Exodus guitarist Gary Holt is waiting for the result of his test.

AceShowbizChuck Billy, the lead singer of metal band Testament, has tested positive for coronavirus.

In a group statement on Facebook on Sunday, March 22, Testament announced that Billy, his wife Tiffany, and several crew members had all been diagnosed with Covid-19 after returning from their “Bay Strikes Back Tour” of Europe earlier in the month.

“As of yesterday morning, Chuck and Tiffany Billy’s tests have come back positive as well as some crew members,” they wrote. “We are doing what’s right, and what’s safe, and have all been quarantining ourselves since our return home; since before we were even tested.”

“We are of course concerned for our families, our friends, our crew, our fellow musicians, and our fans. We’ve reached out to support our fellow Bay Area Bands who are also being proactive in their own camps, staying quarantined and safe, and will speak on their individual situations if and when they are ready to.”

The statement came after numerous members of the bands on the “Bay Strikes Back Tour”, which saw Testament play alongside Exodus and Death Angel, also said they were feeling unwell.

Exodus guitarist Gary Holt wrote on Instagram on Wednesday that he and wife Lisa had been “suffering from all the symptoms of Corona, without the beer”.

“(We’re) mildly sick, better today after repeatedly waking up soaked in sweat last night,” he wrote. “I’m self-monitoring with my better half, and unfortunately, won’t be able to visit my grandkids until I’m symptom-free for seven days.”

Holt and his wife were both tested for the virus on Friday, but will have to wait seven to 10 days to get the results.

In addition to Holt’s illness, Death Angel drummer Will Carroll is in the hospital battling an undisclosed illness. Holt shared a post about Carroll on Twitter on Saturday, writing: “Will is in the ICU. (It’s) WAY worse that (sic) anything I’m dealing with, by a long shot. Not even close. He is very ill. There are several of us that have symptoms and are waiting for test results. Will needs some healing vibes from everyone.”

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