Superfan Billie Eilish Drops Justin Bieber ‘Bad Guy’ Remix!

This is SO cute!

Billie Eilish has been a huge Justin Bieber fan since she was 12 years old — which, admittedly has not been all that long considering she’s only 17 now.

But as her career has taken off, one of the huge milestones she’s just gotten to cross was a collab with her tween idol!

On Thursday, Billie dropped a remix of her hit song Bad Guy, in which the Biebs drops his own verse, with lines like:

“Gold teeth, my neck, my wrist is froze,

I got more ice than than the snow.”

Well, OK then.

More like Brag Guy. LOLz!

Will this finally be the dark horse to dethrone the Old Town Road remix? The original song was already at #2 with the Biebs’ fans — the vid has over 366 MILLION views on YouTube.

Will Bieber Fever be enough heat to push it past Lil Nas X??

Listen to the remix — accompanied by an adorable throwback pic of lil Billie with her “big ass” Justin posters (below)!

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