Steph McGovern gets away with filthy antics while Russell Kane is on shorter leash

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Russell Kane has opened up to about what might surprise Steph’s Packed Lunch fans the most about the show’s host, Steph McGovern. He also claimed he is held to a different standard on the Channel 4 programme when it comes to smut. 

Russell said TV veteran Steph has got “so much experience” and will totally wing segments without so much as a discussion beforehand. 

“It makes me laugh,” he said.

“I am hosting an awards ceremony tonight which has some comedy in the beginning. 

“So there has been a research phone call, there will be an hour and a half rehearsal, the amount of work that goes into an event that 200 people are going to. 

“If people knew how we fall into the rehearsal room at half 11 , ‘Yeah we will just do it live and see what happens’. It’s the level of confidence she has just to go, ‘Let’s see what happens live.’ 

“I think people would be surprised at how much we wing it, really wing it, to get the maximum fun and life out of each item.”

He continued: “If there is going to be a discussion about something, we won’t rehearse the discussion at all, whereas a lot of shows would go, ‘Okay, I will ask this question, you ask that question.’

“It’s live telly at the end of the day, we can’t go back and edit it. Rehearsals are so funny, we just mess around so much.”

Russell revealed he is convinced he is not allowed to make dirty jokes – but his co-stars Steph, Denise Van Outen and John Whaite are. 

“Steph, Denise and John Whaite, they do the filthiest innuendos and get away with it, but if I even do anything mild I get in trouble because I’m a comic, so I’m on a much shorter leash,” he revealed.

“Whereas if Denise went, ‘Ooh look at that, I’m squirting mayo right up my buns,’ if I laughed at what she said, I’m the one that gets in trouble. How is that fair?“

Russell also gave his verdict on cancel culture, and Piers Morgan’s claims that he was “cancelled” after storming off Good Morning Britain in a row over Meghan Markle. 

“He hasn’t been cancelled, he left his job and now he is more prominent than ever before,” said Russell. 

“I think sometimes when I hear, ‘It’s political correctness gone mad,’ it’s normally a bloke that wants to touch a woman’s boob in the office and can’t any more. 

“It’s stuff that always was illegal but was never prosecuted. It’s very rarely, ‘I want to go on stage and do this joke but I can’t.’ 

“The area you’ve got to be careful with is areas where there is massive political force behind the voices, such as the transgender,” he continued.

“I always think, why make jokes about people that have less power, is that funny? Isn’t that what bullying was at school? 

“When I was at school you couldn’t beat up someone in the younger year than you, you were looked at as a bully. Pick on someone your own size. It’s not like I am a prude or a do-gooder, but if there’s someone with Down’s Syndrome in the front row, to me it’s not funny to humiliate them in front of the audience, it’s just not my type of humour. 

“It’s too easy if you’ve got the microphone and all the power, to make fun of someone that doesn’t have the power.

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