Sheridan Smith admits she doesn’t know if she could cope with being a mum

Sheridan Smith has cast doubt on whether she will ever have childen.

The 37-year-old star says she isn't sure if she could cope with being a parent.

Ahead of her 38th birthday on Tuesday, the actress has vowed to go sober after years of struggling with alcohol.

But ditching the drink doesn't mean we will be seeing a baby arrive any time soon.

Sheridan said: "Am I actually ready? Could I cope?

"I have to ask myself serious questions like this. My mum tells me that she knows I could.

"But I don't know. I just know that I'm not perfect."

The Funny Girl stars says she has already noticed an improvement after cutting out the booze.

“I’ve stopped drinking," she announced. "I can see already the bloat in my face has gone. You can’t do it without support but he knows and I know I’m so much better for not drinking.”

It appears that one of her reasons for quitting is the now-deleted Instagram message she posted back in May.

She suggested the mother of her fiance of 18 months Jamie Horn “killed my dog” and is “capable of anything” in a worrying online rant.

She explained: “I was drunk, upset, emotional and angry. Can you believe I, of all people, went and put it on Insta again? How many times can I rant off on Insta and regret it and then do it again? I’m such a kn**.”

Her troubles started when her beloved dad Colin died of cancer in 2016.

Graham Norton mocked her at the BAFTAs for missing shows in her lead role of Funny Girl and that was a serious set-back.

Sheridan said: “That tipped me over the edge. I lost it. I was in ­unbelievable distress, trying to keep it together and then a room full of people in my industry were just laughing at me.”

She is now getting back on track – no thanks to her army of animals.

She has no fewer than 12 dogs, two horses, four donkeys, two pot-bellied pigs and a pair of goats.

“I’m getting there but I can still go on one," she adds.

"I’m on anxiety medication, which seems to be working. Having Jamie has really helped me. People think I’m mad having so many animals but they give me real peace."

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