Shawn Mendes Kicks Off ‘In Wonder’ Trailer Shirtless & Yes, Camila Cabello Is In It!

Shawn Mendes just debuted the trailer for his upcoming Netflix documentary In Wonder!

In the very first scene, the 22-year-old musician is seen shirtless and hopping in the shower.

In Wonder follows his journey toward self-discovery, after the physical and emotional demands of his rise, and his last world tour, pushed him towards a personal and musical reckoning. The documentary is a heartfelt look at a songwriter and performer wrestling with the pressures of stardom and the emotional tolls of coming-of-age while the world watches.

Largely framed around his rise and recent tour, the film offers unprecedented access to Mendes’ private life both at home, and while traveling across North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia, and features years of footage as he rose from precocious troubadour to global superstar.

For those wondering, yes, of course his girlfriend Camila Cabello is in the documentary. There are clips from the couple’s 2019 MTV Video Music Awards performance and more.

In one part of the trailer, Shawn is sitting at the piano and Camila says, “It sounds like your heart.”

And the sweetest moment comes at the end of the trailer where Shawn is heard saying, “My song comes on the radio or something, and I’m like, ‘Everything is about you, it’s always there. They’ve always been about you.’ She goes, ‘What do you mean?’”

“I’m like, ‘They’re all about you. Like every song I’ve ever wrote,” he continued.

Look out for Shawn Mendes In Wonder on Netflix November 23rd!

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