Sex And The City Stars Finally React To THAT Shock Ending

For months now the premiere of And Just Like That… was shrouded in mystery, with fake scenes being dispersed among the leaks to confuse longtime Sex And The City fans about the coming surprises.

But now the secrets are out, specifically the big twist — that Carrie Bradshaw’s longtime on/off boyfriend and eventual happily-ever-after hubby Mr. Big (Chris Noth) ends the debut episode by suffering a heart attack after a workout and dying in her arms.

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That seismic shift promises to set the stage for the entire series to come as Carrie finds herself a widow trying to navigate being single again. Now that the cat is out of the bag, the cast can finally speak about the show they’re making, so ET went back to the stars and showrunner of the revival series after the big premiere to get a much more candid interview.

Speaking to Lauren Zima, Miranda portrayer Cynthia Nixon explained how the title itself was a hint at what was to come:

“I am, of course, like many other people, sad to see him go. But I think it was a very bold move. But the title of the show is And Just Like That…, and — it’s open to interpretation — but to me that means, in a moment your life can be transformed. Something wonderful can happen, something horrifying can happen. And certainly there could be no more blow to the center of Carrie and her life than robbing her of Mr. Big.”

She added her praise for the change, saying:

“I think it was very bold and I think it starts the new series on such a foot that you see we’re not going to be treading water. We’re actually going to be sailing into completely uncharted waters, and we hope you come with us the way you did the last time.”

Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, has been experiencing all the feels about the twist since she learned about from showrunner Michael Patrick King — and has had to keep all that on the inside! She says:

“When Michael Patrick told me this, which was quite some time ago, I was nervous. I was sad. Of course, I love Chris. Thankfully he’s fine. But you know, it’s hard because you never really want this to happen in life. Just like you don’t want it to happen in fictional life. But on the other hand, it is actually something that does happen in life. So from that perspective, I could see the possibilities of trying to deal with that. And we are still comedy, but we have always dealt with serious things. And I knew that Sarah felt very strongly about it and… It was a bold vision and very, very terrifying, of course.”

The move has gotten mixed reviews, as have other changes, but time will tell whether fans come along for the ride.

See what else the stars and showrunner have to say about the shocking change (below):

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