Seinfeld star was found dead and ‘partially eaten by turkey vultures’

Details about the death of Seinfeld star Charles Levin has been released by Oregon state investigators and they are particularly tragic.

The former Golden Girls star was 70 when he passed away after his son reported him missing on July 8.

A report has been released by the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety,which states that the body of Charles Levin was found badly decomposed.

He was found at the bottom of a 30ft steep hill and the report reveals "there were signs of animal scavenging likely in the form of turkey vultures as the presence of bird faeces on and around the body."

The Daily Mail obtained the report which states that Levin made contact with a friend just before he disappeared, saying he was lost close to Cave Junction in Oregon.

It has been reported that police searched for the orange Fiat that Levin was driving and they were informed tht that actor had his dog, Boo Boo Bear, with him.

Unfortunately, the dog was found dead in the car, once it had been located by tracking the GPS signal from Levin's mobile.

The actor's body was found on July 13 at the bottom of a steep ravine, with the report suggesting that he was trying to get help.

According to reports in US media, the body was found "naked, missing internal organs and was wedged between trees."

The coroner's office has ruled the death as 'accidental' with Levin's identity being confirmed by his dental records.

Levin made his name by starring in hugely popular sitcoms, Golden Girls and Seinfeld.

He was in the original cast of Golden Girls but his popularity as a chef in the series proved to be his undoing.

Producers were keen that the girls' relationship was the main focus of the show and Levin found himself sidelined.

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