Salma Hayek brilliantly shuts down the troll who told her she had “too much Botox”

The actor is absolutely not here for age-shaming, as is evident by her brilliant response to the comment on her latest Instagram post. 

We can always rely on Salma Hayek to boost our confidence. 

Like us, the star has absolutely no time for the toxic age-shaming that plagues Hollywood as much as it does the rest of the world. So whether she’s beating the body positivity drum during interviews or on her Instagram feed, there is no doubt about it: Hayek is our go-to girl for a healthy dose of self-love inspiration.

Take, for instance, the time she posted a photo on holiday in her bikini on the day before her last birthday, which she simply captioned: Yes, Tomorrow I turn 53. So!?” So what, indeed?

And now, she’s back at it. This time, brilliantly clapping back at the troll who told her she had “too much botox”. On Tuesday, the actor posted a photo to Instagram of her on the beach, looking happy and healthy. And yet, for whatever reason, this person felt the need to comment, writing: “Too much botox :(. Not needed Selma!”

True to character, Hayek had the most brilliant response. She replied to the comment: “I don’t have Botox but thank you for the advice because I was thinking maybe it’s time.”

The longtime body positive advocate has always spoken confidently about her body. 

She previously told The Edit before turning 50: “I was always borderline chubby, because I like my food and, frankly, I like my wine. I have to say, I’m pushing 50 but I feel great. I looked worse in my youth! I’m in good shape right now.”

Or there was the time the actor spoked about her role in Mudbound in which she played a character that did not wear makeup. Hayek told Variety that the role had helped her to realise that she did not have to look beautiful for anyone but herself. 

“This woman has nothing to do with the way she looks,” Hayek said of her character. “And I just loved it. I just felt really comfortable and happy to not have this burden that most women have to have, of having to look good.”

On the subject of Botox, the actor told Entertainment Tonight that she had wanted to get Botox or lip fillers for her role in Like A Boss but her work schedule had got in the way. “I was so excited to do it because I’ve never done it,” she explained. “I wanted to see what happens.”She added, “Maybe it’s for the best. Maybe I would have gotten addicted to it or something.”

Obviously, we think Hayek looks great as she is – but that is not the point here. At the end of the day, every woman should be able to choose what feels right for her own body without having to answer to anyone else – especially trolls.

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