Ryan McCartan Writes Open Letter on Dove Cameron Split: ‘We Were a Bad Match’

Ryan McCartan has written an open letter to fans to address the headlines about his breakup with ex-fiancee Dove Cameron, which happened over three years ago.

The former couple’s split has become relevant again after Ryan took to Instagram on Thursday (January 16) and accused Dove of cheating on him at the end of their relationship. She didn’t completely address the accusations, but she spoke out on social media later that day to spread a message of positivity.

Now, Ryan is speaking out again to clear up misconceptions about his and Dove‘s relationship.

“I have elected to remain silent about my past because I thought it would be the most effective way to leave it where it belongs. I am no longer comfortable watching the events of my life become so darkly misconstrued. I would like to fairly and diplomatically write about this once and finally,” Ryan began in an Instagram post.

He continued, “I think Dove and I fundamentally agree about our relationship with one another. We were young, and immature. Our relationship was dysfunctional. We were a bad match.”

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“She has made claims about me and about our past that I don’t think are fair or even true, but she is entitled to her opinion. I have made claims about her and our past that I’m sure she doesn’t think are fair or true, but I am entitled to my opinion. We have individual and conflicting perspectives on the dysfunction of our relationship. That is very normal amongst exes.

“I wish her nothing but the best. I am grateful for our relationship. I learned what love is by learning what it isn’t. People are allowed to be young and make mistakes. People are allowed to grow up and grow apart.

“We are not at war with one another. This vortex of repetitive conflict is the result of freely and peacefully sharing our individual perspectives on our past, which is almost always followed by a myriad of social media posts creating a fight where there isn’t one. Some of these outlets make their money on ads, clicks and controversy, and if they don’t have a story, they manufacture one. Any claims of lasting or current conflict between me and my previous partner have been methodically manufactured, and are baseless.

“This paradigm is one that exists all over the social media landscape. It is my hope that consumers of social media will use this as an example to guard themselves against bias and hyperbole, and to increase their social media fluency in an increasingly untruthful world.”

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