Ryan Alessi, Kate Godfrey & Aria Brooks Are Challenged To Stay Off Phones In New ‘All That’ Sketch (Exclusive Clip)

The cast of All That are returning to TV this weekend and we have an exclusive first look at a brand new sketch!

In “Stay Off Your Phone!”, a game show where there’s literally only one rule: Contestants have to stay off their phones. It stars Ryan Alessi, Kate Godfrey and new cast member Aria Brooks as the contestants, Gabrielle Green as the host, and also features Lex Lumpkin as Barack Obama.

Also coming up in the new episode: the cast 3-D prints a new cast member; Tammy shares way too much information; scientists recreating a T-Rex get a big surprise; and AJ Mitchell closes the show with a performance of his hit song “Slow Dance”.

All That returns THIS Saturday (January 18) at 8:30pm ET on Nickelodeon.

Check out the hilarious new sketch now!

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