Queen Elizabeth told Harry she is ‘delighted he has found happiness’ with Meghan

As we know, the British press – mainly royal reporters – tend to use Queen Elizabeth as a stand-in for their own repressed, neo-colonialist, racist urges. I’ve never seen so many grown men and grown women wail and cry about what Poor Liz feels or thinks than I have recently, with all of these Meghan & Harry stories. The sheer volume of stories and quotes from royal commentators does suggest, to me, that there are different people within Buckingham Palace saying wildly different things about “how the Queen feels” and “what the Queen thinks” about this-or-that having to do with the Sussexes. Some commentators even dared to suggest that the Queen doesn’t even care one way or the other about Harry’s interview with James Corden! That must have disappointed them, because the only way most of the royal media can experience emotion is by expressing it through the proxy of a grumpy 94-year-old woman. Anyway, here’s something: the Queen told Harry that she’s delighted he found happiness. WHAT?!

The Queen told Prince Harry she is ‘delighted he has found happiness’ with Meghan Markle after the couple emigrated to Los Angeles from London – but warned he must uphold his family’s values as he begins life outside the Firm. The ‘harmonious conversation’ between the Queen and her grandson happened over the phone before the Sussexes’ planned incendiary interview with Oprah Winfrey was publicly announced last week, The Mirror reported.

It also came ahead of Prince Harry’s appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden, in which the Duke insisted the couple’s shock move to California last year was about ‘stepping back rather than stepping down’ as royals.

Their definitive split from life as working royals followed a telephone conversation between Harry and his grandmother – which saw the 94-year-old monarch tell her grandson she ‘was delighted he has found happiness’ and ‘only wants the best for him and his family’. But Harry stressed he is aware of his ‘duty to the family’ – and has promised ‘never do anything to embarrass them’.

Palace insiders earlier revealed that it was Harry who pushed to restart talks over his and Meghan’s position early this year. They claimed there was a ‘puzzling sense of urgency’ to his requests that perplexed palace officials – but it ‘all became clear’ when news of Meghan’s deal for a ‘tell all’ interview with Oprah broke. And Prince Harry’s ‘unhelpful’ appearance on the Late Late Show today is said to have caused ‘disquiet’ – following an already-tense seven days in Sussex-palace relations.

A source told The Mirror: ‘Harry has spoken to the Queen, and she told him she was delighted he has found happiness. She only wants the best for him and his family. He described it as being free, but he knows he has a duty to the family and he reiterated his promise to never do anything to embarrass them. This is all about moving on, it was a very harmonious conversation between a caring grandmother and her grandson.’

[From The Daily Mail]

I’ve absolutely lost track of how many different versions we’ve gotten of this series of events. What we know, for sure, is this: Harry and Liz were in communication via phone and Zoom; Harry sought to get the Sussexit terms locked down; the Queen and her people rushed to strip Harry and Meghan of their royal patronages literally as soon as Meghan’s pregnancy was announced and the news of the Oprah interview came out. The stories, details and motives around those events are what changes day by day. I still say the Queen rushed because she wanted to send a clear, vindictive and punitive signal to the Sussexes and to the press. The royal reporters are clearly still processing their loss of control over Harry and Meghan. There’s really no further moves left for the Queen but to wish Harry and Meghan well. There’s nothing else she (or the press) can hold over their heads, honestly.

Meanwhile, it is still so f–king weird to me that Prince Charles has managed to escape saying one word on or off the record about the formalization of the Sussexit. That’s HIS son. His daughter-in-law. His grandchild.

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