Prince William Spotted Keeping Framed Photo of Him and Harry in Coronation Weekend Video

Despite being rumored to be in a feud, the Prince of Wales is caught by royal fans having an old pic of him, the Duke of Sussex and their late mother displayed on a piano in his royal home.

AceShowbiz -Prince William has been spotted by royal fans to be keeping a framed photo of him with Prince Harry. Despite being rumored to be in a feud, the Prince of Wales still keeps a memento of his younger brother at his royal home.

In a video shared by Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton on their channel on YouTube, royal fans noticed a framed picture which might be a photo of Prince William, Prince Harry and their late mother Princess Diana. The footage uploaded online on May 13 documented Prince William’s royal family activities during the coronation weekend.

The clip showed the Prince of Wales, the Princess of Wales and their two younger children, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, getting ready for the coronation at Kensington Palace before going to Westminster Abbey. In the video, the four emerged one by one in what seemed to be their London home’s living room.

At one point when Prince William and Kate Middleton’s daughter Charlotte could be seen entering the room, royal fans spotted a number of framed images sitting on top of a piano. The devotees further claimed that one of the framed pics was an adorable photograph of William and Harry with their late mother Diana.

The old picture of the three was known to be used for Diana’s Christmas card back in 1995. The card was sent a year before she divorced King Charles, who was still Prince of Wales at that time, and two years before she tragically died following a car crash.

Prince William being spotted keeping a framed photo of him and Prince Harry came a few months after his brother talked about his royal family in an ITV interview. “There’s a lot that can happen between now and then,” Harry spoke to Tom Bradby in January.

“But, you know, the door is always open. The ball is in their court. There’s a lot to be discussed and I really hope that they are willing to sit down and talk about it,” he added. “I want a family, not an institution. … They’ve shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile.”

“I would like to get my father back. I would like to have my brother, [Prince William], back. It never needed to be this way. The leaking and the planting … They feel as though it’s better to keep us, somehow, as the villains,” he continued.

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