Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Accused of Disrespecting Prince George With Their Birthday Message

Some royal fans take issue with the fact that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex don’t address their nephew with his full title in the casual comment left on Kensington Royal’s post of George’s new photo.

AceShowbiz -Like any other uncles and aunts, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just wanted to wish Prince George a happy birthday as he turned 6 on Monday, July 22. But their sweet and warm message has sparked the outrage of some royal family fans.

To celebrate his birthday, Kensington Royal’s official Instagram account shared new photos of the son of Prince William and Kate Middleton. His uncle Harry and aunt Meghan wrote in the comment section, “Happy Birthday! ! Wishing you a very special day and lots of love!” with a birthday cake and balloon emoji.

But some people think that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are disrespecting George, the third in the line to the throne, for not addressing their nephew with his full title, His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge.

“Happy birthday to who? He is HRH PRINCE GEORGE!!!! Future King!” one fan wrote. Another reacted to Harry and Meghan’s comment, “He is the future KING. Treat him with respect. He is HRH!!!!!!!!!”

Another judging user wrote, “His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge he is the future King and to be your King,” while one other scolded the new parents, “He is HRH Prince George to you!!!! Don’t forget to mention!”

Some others pointed out that other royal social media accounts, including Clarence House’s and The Royal Family’s, used “Prince George” in their messages. “When all the royal accounts have [used] a ‘prince’ except yours…so there is really something,” a critic commented.

But there were many followers who tried to put a stop to these snarky criticisms. “They are his uncle and aunt. No need to write his title. Being sincere is more important,” one reminded the angry followers. Another wrote, “Stop nitpicking [and] relax. You just want to find fault where there is none. Family is family and how they address each other in public or private is none of your concern.”

The royal family has not responded to the online debate among fans over Harry and Meghan’s birthday message for George. The Kensington family reportedly had a summer trip to the private Caribbean island of Mustique to celebrate George’s sixth birthday.

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