Prince Andrew’s staff leaked Harry & Meghan’s relationship to the press in 2016

Prince Andrew was out and about in Windsor yesterday, riding a horse in the British heatwave. I thought Andrew would perhaps already be up in Scotland with his dear mummy, but I guess not. Perhaps he doesn’t feel like he should travel at the moment, lest he somehow get “renditioned” to America for FBI questioning about Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew’s name crops up somewhat early in Finding Freedom, during Prince Harry’s courtship with then-Meghan Markle. Meghan and Harry had been quietly dating for months, both of them traveling back and forth from Toronto and London with no one the wiser. Harry knew that as soon as the story broke, all eyes would be on Meghan, and he and Meghan both went through great lengths to hide their relationship. When Harry was in Toronto around Halloween 2016, the story broke – and FF notes that the leak to the British papers came from one of Prince Andrew’s staffers. How did Andrew’s staff know? My guess is that Harry told Eugenie all about Meghan (FF says as much) early on in their relationship, and Eugenie told her father and her father’s staff. It almost feels like that sets some kind of tone for what will unfold over the next four years too – Andrew actively hiding behind Harry and Meghan, with a complicit palace structure choosing to throw H&M to the wolves while simultaneously protecting Andrew.

Harriet Hall at the Independent had a great column about this very thing, the comparison to how the palace treated Andrew versus the Sussexes. Here’s an excerpt:

Buckingham Palace had failed to protect the Sussexes, they’d had enough. It simply wasn’t worth it – and certainly not for a man who had watched his mother similarly hounded.Finding Freedom describes Harry reading a tabloid article one day and being “disgusted” by how the paper had portrayed him. The book describes the duchess’ despondence on their final day, telling staff “it didn’t have to be this way,” as she said her goodbyes.

Did it have to be this way? It wasn’t this way for Prince Andrew. He managed to cling on to his royal income and philanthropic pursuits years after being photographed with his friend, convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein. Why was there no Palace-approved Meghan and Harry interview where they had the chance to tell their story? When Prince Andrew was given royal approval to sit in Buckingham Palace and talk about enjoying doughballs and being sweat-free, as he denied claims he raped then 17-year old Virginia Guthrie who alleges she was part of a sex trafficking ring run by Epstein. Prince Andrew has denied all accusations against him.

…I believe his arrogance and untouchability were in stark contrast to Meghan’s constant attempts to ingratiate herself with the royals and involve in philanthropic pursuits, but being continually hounded by the elements of the press for opening her own car door, exposing shoulder flesh, wanting to keep her son away from the glare of the limelight or daring to have a difficult family life. That combined with the picture we have been provided of what life was like inside the Royal Family, it is no wonder things ended up the way they did.

Why did Buckingham Palace, the book asks, not work harder to break free from their “no comment” approach to dismiss the numerous unfounded rumours surrounding her? It is all so sour compared to those joyous pictures of the Sussexes wedding day.

[From The Independent]

“Why was there no Palace-approved Meghan and Harry interview where they had the chance to tell their story?” Because the point was always to silence Meghan and Harry (specifically Meghan) and to use M&H as cover for Andrew. Andrew was mummy’s favorite. Raping underage human trafficking victims is preferable to “being biracial.”

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