Pretty Sure Kris Just Scarred Khloé and Kendall By Talking About Her Sex Life

Kris Jenner just got done grilling Khloé Kardashian about her dating life, and now the momager can’t stop raving about how much sex she and Corey Gamble are having these days.

This all comes from a new clip from Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Kris, Khloé, and Kendall Jenner meet up for some lunch. When Kris walked into the restaurant, she could hardly wait to talk about what she and Corey had just done. She asked her daughters, “Do I have lipstick all over my face? We were just having a little makeout session in the car…Is my shirt on right?”

Understandably, Khloé was basically like WTF is going on and asked her why Corey skipped their group lunch date. Kris then responded, “Corey had to go home and sleep because we were up all night. You know how that goes!” And it was pretty much downhill for Khloé and Kendall after that because for the rest of lunch, Kris went on and on about her sex life despite their obvious aversion to the topic.

At one point, Kris started shouting “sex!” across the restaurant, and when the waiter gave her some tiramisu on the house, she was like, “I heard it was the dessert of lovers. I could rub this all over my body.”

Kendall seemed so taken aback the whole time that she didn’t utter a single word. On the flip side, Khloé was like, “Ew” and said “couldn’t be more opposite right now” when Kris said, “You’ve just got to get it in when you can.”

Though Kendall and Khloé were definitely not into that conversation, Khloé said she loves her family’s dynamic while in her confessional. She admitted, “I love our dynamic with our mom and I would not change it for the world, but does my mom overshare? I mean, she’s talking about her lipstick being smeared, her mojo…some things… zip it.” Fair!

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