Presenting: All of Kate Middleton and Prince William's Cute (Extremely G-Rated) PDA Moments

Apologies for using the word smooch but there are only so many euphemisms for “kiss” available to me! Let me live!

Love this moment because William and Kate clearly didn’t know they were being photographed holding hands.

They were on the way to their honeymoon so clearly the mood was peak romantic.

Gonna assume William had dirt on his face, so it’s less PDA and more “please clean yourself up,” but whatever. Still cute.

When you’re so excited that royal protocol goes entirely out the window.

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Kay, this is quite literally just a photo of Kate touching the small of William’s back (swipe to the third pic), but we’ll take what we can get from these two.

She’s been doing it since Day 1.

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“We’re also a cute young couple who are in love!” — Kate and William during the height of everyone’s obsession with Meghan and Harry, probably.

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“WE ALSO HOLD HANDS!!!” they seem to say.

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Sometimes a PDA moment can simply be a simple sweet look. And by “sometimes,” I mean this time in particular.

The closest we’re gonna get to them making out on a red carpet.

Not me zooming in.

Actually pretty sure he’s whispering to her, but just let me have this.

Clearly we’re being starved for PDA if this is on the list, but here we are!

Kay, this one is cute because obviously they had no idea there was a camera behind them.

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