Paris Hilton Denies She's Pregnant After Rumors Swirl

Paris Hilton doesn’t have a bun in the oven — despite intense media speculation over the past week — because she’s shot down the rumors herself.

The socialite issued a firm denial Tuesday in her newest episode of her “This is Paris podcast … saying she wasn’t pregnant, and probably wouldn’t be until she says her “I dos,” which probably isn’t too far away at this point — as you know, she’s currently engaged.

Paris had a joke-y way of coming out with the non-news … at first saying she was expecting, and that she had triplets cooking in her gut. She pulled a big psyche right after that, though, and told the real truth — namely, that there were no babies on the way, at least for now.

PH says she was getting blown up with questions about an alleged pregnancy — which probably came about after one outlet straight-up said she was actually pregnant … citing unnamed sources. Turns out, there’s no truth it.

Some outlets keyed in on TMZ video shot last week, and speculated one angle made her look pregnant — despite there being no indications she was — but apparently, she looked different enough for people to wildly theorize she was pregnant.

Throw in the fact that she and her fiance, Carter Reum, have been undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments as they prepare to be wed … and you got yourself a rumor mill that’s all of a sudden out of control.

Welp, she just cut the wind off and then some.

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