Pamela Anderson shares SHOCK cheating email exchange

Pamela Anderson shares SHOCK email exchange between herself and Adil Rami’s ex Sidonie Biémont which ‘confirms two-year cheating claims’

  • Emails purporting to be from Sidonie claim she and Adil (who have twins together) have been intimate since their split two years ago 
  • Pamela, 51, has been dating the sportsman, 33, for two years but accuses him of ‘mental abuse’
  • She claims he refused to let her meet Sidonie but she met the twins 
  • Sidonie had believed his relationship with Pamela was simply a ‘working contract’ and therefore platonic 
  • Adil denied cheating on Pamela on Tuesday in a public Instagram post 
  • He said he simply should have been more ‘transparent’ about what he claims is a platonic relationship 
  • But Pamela has shared a message from him in which he apologises and says she was right and he was wrong
  •  Both women have dumped the footballer and say they feel betrayed

Pamela Anderson has shared an email exchange on her website, which purports to be from Adil Rami’s ex Sidonie Biémont, and appears to confirm he cheated on her. 

Sidonie, 37, the mother of Adil’s twins, Zayn and Madi, born in 2016, claims she has been sleeping with him throughout his two-year relationship with Pamela, 51.

Pamela claims Sidonie wrote to her about the sportsman, 33, saying: ‘What i dont understand at all… is what does Adil say to you??…  [sic]

Fuming: Pamela Anderson has shared a SHOCK email exchange between herself and Adil Rami’s ex Sidonie Biémont which appears to confirm those two-year cheating claims

Sidonie was led to believe that he had Pamela had a working contract and that was why they were pictured together – he said things were platonic.

‘Just to be honnest [sic]: We broke up in June (2016) – as every summer then we’d usually get back together- then i learnt in the press he met you….so did my family and friends. [sic]

‘Quite shoked [sic] and sad. Then for almost 1year and a half we continued to see each other as lovers, him being really discreet and telling me all would “end” soon ?

‘Then early 2019 we stopped the “affair” coz i think i worth more than being hidden and treated like that.  

‘Again before his holidays he told me to watch the press carefully as all would finally end, that he loved me loved us missed us being family. But the Truth is, im over it. 

‘I just need him as a Dad, being there for my babies.’

Ouch! During an email exchange with Pamela, Sidonie claims Adil has been sleeping with him throughout his relationship with Pamela, 51, and the 33-year-old told her he loved her (pic date unknown)

‘I’m really hurt and did a long therapy but seriously this man has a good heart but lying issues, and obviously self confidence troubles too He sweared [sic] kids never met you neither your dog.’ 

She said: ‘Told me u never lived together Told me all was political and he couldnt[sic] do anything. Then admited [sic] he screwed up and felt like an idiot.

‘Feel free to call me Or meet me in Paris. And i do really wish you to be happy.’ 

‘Why censor myself?’ Pamela alluded to her post on Instagram when she told her followers to go and read her full post on her website

Her words: A snippet from one of the conversations from Sidonie to Pamela 

Lost love: Sidonie believed that Adil was simply friends with Pamela but told the actress she had her own ups and down with the father of her twins

She wrote that Pamela is more than welcome to meet up with her to discuss things further after she had said she was trying to meet her for two years – she has also met her children. 

The emails started when Pamela said that she wanted to be friendly with Sidonie and wanted to be helpful in making Adil see his children more. 

But that’s when Sidonie dropped the bombshell, claiming that they had both been led on by the footballer. 

Pamela also shared the message she sent back to Sidonie, saying: ‘I’ve never met a man like this. Living multiple lives. I’m in shock.

His response: Pamela claims that Adil wrote this to her after learning that she and Sidonie have been in contact – he wrote: ‘without you, I die again’

‘I am leaving him. For good this time. I’ve tried to leave 10 times to leave but he always finds me and begs me back.

‘He said you appear places without his permission like the Macron event recently. He said you were in NY on vacation.’  

‘He always says you are out of town when he goes to Paris. All very juvenile. Narcissist actually. Nobody is perfect. Be he is frightening.

More to add: Sidonie posted this on Instagram on Thursday to say that Adil has never been violent towards him and said she was happy until she was not so 

Happier times: Neither Sidonie nor Pamela wish to continue to have a relationship with Adil at this point, but Sidonie said she will be in contact for the sake of their children

‘But I’m so happy to be in touch with you – it’s such a relief. Just so you can rest knowing the truth. I feel better too now. It hurts. But it’s closure.

‘You have beautiful babies. I’ve met them – and you have done a great job alone. They are little gentlemen. I just wish I could speak better french.

‘I don’t need to bore you with details – so many crazy things. He has a big big problem with lying.

Defending himself: On Tuesday, Adil took to Instagram hours after her social media post, to deny Pamela’s claims that he has cheated on her with the mother of his twins

‘And I never felt good about being with a man with 2 young twins. I couldn’t imagine how bad you could be to abandon you like that.

‘But he reassured me that he loved me. Wanted to be married. ? Lord. Thank God that didn’t happen.’

‘You have to stay in his life. He is father of your sons. But you can be sure. I will never communicate or go near him again. Maybe you can find a way to heal together.’ 

Pamela wrote on Instagram: ‘In the interest of true and actual transparency, I have chosen to… share the letters – check twitter @pamfoundation.

‘I thought about staying silent. But I have a responsibility to continue to help others. Why censor myself. I went through this for a reason.’ 

Pamela, who accuses Adil of mental abuse, also wrote on her website: ‘It feels better to be free of a sociopath – it feels better than being in love with one.’  

Sidonie continued that she will also end things with the footballer, aside from sharing their parenting duties.

She also wrote: ‘I just cant believe what im reading right now. I just dont want him around anymore, or texting me.

She also said: ‘And i really feel so stupid i could once love him and “build” something with him.

‘Well i feel sorry for you i dont know what to say except thank you for reaching me out and being so nice thinking about our kids.’

‘Ps : I gave you a wrong date. He left home june 2017 -not 2016- prefering the glow of Cannes festival than being home with our babies sons (9 months old).’ 

In further correspondence, Sidonie wrote: ‘I hope he’s never hurt you physically. Thé mental abuse is just as bad.’

Hitting back: Adil’s words in French and translated into English following Pamela’s first post 

Moreover, Sidonie said that she was supposed to go to the World Cup in 2018 with Adil and their children but he took the invite back and took Pamela instead. 

She added: ‘From september 2017 to this early 2019 we had sex. He told me, “I love you i miss you i miss the kids. I’ve been acted as a jerk im an idiot”.

‘Im gonna clean my mess i promise give me time, let me go on holidays and you ll see. We re so good together.’ [sic].   

Pamela has also shared messages which she claims are from Adil in which he apologises, tells her he loves her and asks for forgiveness after discovering the two ladies have been in contact. 

Sidonie has not addressed the alleged email exchange, but on Thursday, she wrote on her Instagram that Adil was never violent towards her. 

She wrote in the caption: ‘Finally, seeing my private life and spread on social networks does not amuse me. I repeat myself, I was very much in love with Adil and, moreover, happy, until I was not so.’

The latest comes three days after Adil hit back at her claims he is a ‘lying monster’ who cheated on her and led a double life.

The Marseille defender took to Instagram hours after Pamela’s accusatory post on Tuesday, to explain he has been keeping a close relationship with Sidonie Biémont, the mother of his twins. 

Pamela has said the ‘carefully worded post’ was not written by him. 

She wrote: ‘I’m sure this was written either by his sister, lawyer or team at futball club for « Damage control.’ [sic] 

Sharing the same picture of himself and Pamela that she posted, he wrote in French, which MailOnline has translated into English. 

He penned: ‘A break is never easy. As often in these situations, strong emotion can take over. 

All over now: Pamela was last pictured out with Adil on June 9, where they were seen taking a stroll together in Malibu, California

‘Pamela is a whole person, whom I deeply respect, she has conviction and is sincere – my love for her has always been sincere. That’s what I want to remember.

‘I do not think we should reveal details of our private life, our history. On this point, [cheating] however, I want to shed light. 

‘In no way do I lead a double life, I am simply attached to preserve a lasting relationship with my children and their mother Sidonie for whom I have a deep respect. 

‘That’s right I should have been more transparent with this ambiguous relationship. I suppose.’

He continued: ‘I remain and will remain faithful to my values ​​and beliefs which are mine and continue to be committed to @solidaritefemmes, [a domestic violence charity], which is always so strong. 

‘I am proud to have participated in this great and beautiful campaign.

I wish the appeasement and the discretion for our families and friends, even if I am pained and hurt. I hope you understand and respect it. Adil.’  

Pamela took to her Instagram page on Tuesday morning, accusing the sportsman, of cheating on her.

Posting a broken-hearted emoji alongside a black and white image of the former couple, she wrote: ‘It’s hard to accept. The last (more than) 2. years of my life have been a big lie. I was scammed, led to believe … we were in big love?

Fuming: She had earlier posted this statement in full on her social media page

‘I’m devastated to find out in the last few days. That he was living a double life. 

‘He used to joke about other players who had girlfriends down the street in apartments close to their wives. 

‘He called those men monsters. ? But this is worse. He lied to all. How is it possible to control 2 women’s hearts and minds like this – I’m sure there were others.

‘He is the monster. How could I have helped so many people @ndvhofficial and not be wise enough or able to help myself.’ 

She previously said: ‘I care about him a lot and we get along. Who knows how long this world is going to last with the way it is going. You might as well enjoy your life’ (pictured in May)

MailOnline has contacted a spokesperson for Adil for comment and Pamela for further information.  

Pamela was last pictured out with Adil on June 9, where they were seen taking a stroll together in Malibu, California. 

She and the athlete reportedly got back together in March, six months after they were said to have split.

According to TMZ, the blonde bombshell and the Marseille ace had ‘been back together for several weeks’, shortly after breaking up when Adil brought up the topic of marriage. 

Pamela has said that she turned down previous proposals as she wanted to meet Sidonie first. 

Despite their reconciliation, sources claimed the footballer was ‘cutting Pam off from her friends and family’, and alleged his ‘partying’ lifestyle ‘isn’t for her anymore’.

The iconic pin-up girl, who moved to France to live with her beau during the early stages of their romance, previously admitted she didn’t expect their love to last.

Former love: Anderson is mother to two sons, Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, with ex-husband Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee (pictured in May 1995)

In an interview with The Sun, blonde bombshell Pamela said: ‘Let’s be in love for as long as we are in love and if there is ever one day, you look at me and go “ugh”, well, I can always go and live in another country.’

Gushing over their relationship, she said of Adil, who plays for the French national team: ‘He is fantastic. I love him, of course. You have to be very brave and enjoy things.

‘I care about him a lot and we get along. Who knows how long this world is going to last with the way it is going. You might as well enjoy your life.’ 

Mistake? Pamela was married to Rick Salomon twice – but it didn’t work out (pictured in July 2013) 

Ex: The former Baywatch star was married to Kid Rock from August 3, 2006 – February 1m 2007

Pamela’s turbulent love life… 

1990 – 1993

She was loved up with actor and TV director Scott Baio 

1992 – 1994

The actress dated French singer, actor and model David Charvet 

1995 – 1998

Pamela married Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee after just one week of knowing him – they had two sons together  

Late 90s

Pamela got romantic with Kelly Slater after meeting him on the set of Baywatch 


Pamela and Swedish model Marcus Schenkenberg dated 


Pamela dated rocker Kid Rock – they married in 2006 but divorced a year later 


Pamela briefly dated Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst 


Pamela is said to have enjoyed a dalliance with British presenter Steve Jones  


She had a rumoured fling with funnyman David Spade 


She was also linked to magician Hans Klok around this time 


Pamela married poker player Rick Salomon for the first time 


Pamela and Rick married for a second time but separated soon after. Their divorce was finalised a year later


Pamela started dating footballer Adil and a year later was sporting a diamond ring on her wedding finger  

Back in July 2018, the couple had sparked engagement rumours.

Speculation first arose when she cheered on France in their victorious World Cup semi-final showdown against Belgium while wearing a sparkling diamond Cartier Panther ring, which she is reported to have received from the sportsman. 

Adil denied the rumours at the time, saying the reports of an engagement were ‘not true’ while singing his ‘wonderful’ girlfriend’s praises

‘She’s wonderful,’ he had said. ‘We’re staying in Beverly Hills for the next few weeks, I have to go to on a quick trip to Las Vegas tomorrow so I’m doing a little shopping.’

‘I see a lot of things she would like,’ he teased.

That same year, PETA activist Pamela appeared on UK TV show, Life Stories where she gave host Piers Morgan an insight into her previous relationships.

The star admitted that she still had dreams of settling down and tying the knot once again.

She said: ‘I do want to get married again in my lifetime. But I have been married a lot.’ 

Anderson is mother to two sons, Brandon, 22, and Dylan, 21, with ex-husband Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. 

She was subsequently married to Kid Rock and Rick Salomon.  

Meanwhile, Pamela also raised eyebrows due to her friendship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. 

She has previously said she is not in a romantic relationship with Assange, but has grown close to the 47-year-old over the last few years.

Talking to PEOPLE, she said: ‘Julian is trying to free the world by educating it. It is a romantic struggle – I love him for this.

‘I understand that our “affair” and the curiosity surrounding that might bring some attention to his situation.

‘That’s fine, but I’d rather not go into private details. Let’s just say everyone deserves love.’ 

Ups and downs: Meanwhile, Pamela also raised eyebrows due to her friendship with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (pictured in May 2017)

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