Pamela Anderson clashes with Meghan McCain, Joy Behar while defending 'cyberterrorist' Assange

Actress Pamela Anderson pays visit to Julian Assange in prison

The friends and former love birds had a bitter sweet reunion inside a London prison. The visit is the first for Pamela Anderson since Julian Assange was arrested inside Ecuador’s embassy last month.

Celeb Pamela Anderson ruffled some feathers on "The View" Friday when she defended notorious hacker Julian Assange amid criticisms from two of the show's most outspoken hosts.

"He's a cyberterrorist. I'll say it," host Meghan McCain exclaimed. "I'm not going to stand by this, it's ridiculous," she said.

Anderson, who has become close to Assange, had just finished defending him when McCain made her comment. Assange was arrested earlier in 2019 amid criticism surrounding his organization's role in leaking sensitive documents from the United States.

The Australian has received sympathy from people like Anderson, but also faced intense scrutiny from prominent figures like McCain's now-deceased father, Arizona Sen. John McCain.

“I believe Julian Assange published names of individuals who work for us who put their lives in danger,” the senator said during a hearing in 2017.

When his daughter, Meghan, asked Anderson what she would tell spies who may be impacted by leaks like Assange's, the former "Baywatch" star claimed there wasn't any proof that he put anyone at risk.

"I think that people like Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning are heroes — and Julian Assange is a publisher," Anderson added, referring to two high-profile leakers during the Obama administration.

"Putin also thinks that," Meghan McCain shot back, referring to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Assange managed to upset both sides of the aisle as he leaked sensitive intelligence documents as well as emails from high-ranking Democrats during the 2016 presidential race.

"Hillary Clinton is responsible for Trump," Anderson countered. Behar responded by asking whether Assange was a Trump supporter given the timing of his leaks on Democrats.

"Well, he wasn't helping Trump," Anderson said. "He was trying to give the American people true information" on Clinton's activities, she added. She also claimed that if Assange had damning on information on Trump, he would have released it.

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