Orlando Bloom Got Naked at a Public Lake and Tagged Katy Perry in a Nude

Today in Orlando Bloom’s adventures in public nudity, the Lord of the Rings actor and forever Elf Bae stripped naked at what appears to be a public lake, frolicked in the water, and then tagged Katy Perry in a nude. More specifically, he tagged her as the peach emoji covering his butt.


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Much like Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds before them, Katy and Orlando have developed a habit of trolling each other on Instagram. Recently, Orlando shared a bunch a pics from their breathtaking Italian vacation and forgot to tag Katy, prompting her to hit the comments with “You forgot to tag me daddy.”


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And before that, Katy dropped an extremely unimpressed response to Orlando’s Mother’s Day post, writing “Baby pls can you bring me a Bengal spice tea” on this photo of him holding her (as a mermaid).


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In other news, Orlando just somewhat randomly opened up about how often he and Katy have sex, responding to a Guardian Q&A which bluntly asked “How often do you have sex?” with “Not enough—we just had a baby though.”

He also was asked who the greatest loves of his life are, and sweetly said “My son, Flynn, and my daughter, Daisy Dove, a dog called Mighty and then, of course, my fiancee.”

Got it got it got it. As you were! By which I mean, as you were looking at these casual pics of Orlando swimming around a lake whilst naked.

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