Oprah Speaks to the "Extraordinary" Significance of Kamala Harris as Vice President-Elect

Like many, Oprah Winfrey first learned about the election results through a friend. Unlike many, however, said friend was also in the process of telling millions of others on television. “I knew something must have happened because my phone started going off. So I turned on the TV on Saturday and watched Gayle,” Oprah said, of course referring to her longtime friend Gayle King of CBS This Morning. In a recent interview with People, the media magnate shared her thoughts on Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s victory, and spoke to the pivotal role Black women voters played in delivering that victory.

“I felt like democracy was on a cliff, and Black women helped pull it back from the edge,” Oprah said. According to exit polls, 90 percent of Black women voted for the Democratic ticket. Leaders like Stacey Abrams and LaTosha Brown, to name a few, also encouraged voter turnout through their respective initiatives, Fair Fight and Black Voters Matter Fund. Oprah similarly added to those efforts with her Own Your Vote campaign. “We are so delighted to see that Black women literally changed this country. They came out to vote in Milwaukee, Atlanta, Philadelphia and they swung this election,” she said. “We were honored to play a part in that.”

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