‘No one checks’ Jeremy Clarkson fumes after forking out hundreds’ for Covid tests

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Jeremy Clarkson, 61, wasn’t best impressed after he “forked out hundreds of pounds” for Covid tests in order to leave the UK, and no official checked the documentation at the airport. The Grand Tour star revealed he has left the country three times since lockdown ended, and not once was he stopped to prove he had a negative test.

You needn’t worry about any of them

Jeremy Clarkson

In his latest column for The Sun, the presenter fumed at the lack of authority he saw, considering the many rules that have been drilled into us over the past few months.

He began by jokingly advising travellers that the needn’t worry about it all, saying: “This week, there were lots of exciting new rules about what sort of Covid tests you need to take when you’re travelling abroad, and where you can go, and what forms you’ll need to complete.

“But you needn’t worry about any of them.

“In the past six months, I’ve been out of the country three times, to Portugal to watch the Champions League final, and to Croatia and Italy for holidays.”

Jeremy went on: “On each occasion, I’ve done the right thing.

“I forked out hundreds of pounds for tests. I filled in a million questionnaires. I downloaded apps.”

“And I shoved countless prongs so far up my nose, I collected a tiny bit of brain matter, and so far down my throat I felt like Linda Lovelace.”

The current Covid travel advice is available on the Government website, offering travellers information for all countries you will visit or travel through and links to arrange any tests you will need to enter said countries.

It also offers support on how to find your NHS Covid Pass to prove your vaccination status abroad and to check what you will need to do when you return to England.

But Jeremy found that despite following all the rules, he wasn’t asked to prove anything about testing negative for the virus upon his arrival back in the UK.

“Not once, when leaving the country or getting back, did anyone stop me to check,” he penned, baffled.

Elsewhere, Britain’s unlikeliest farmer was crowned the NFU’s (National Farmer’s Union) Farming Champion of the Year for promoting home-grown food through his hit Amazon Prime series, Clarkson’s Farm.

He was awarded the honour on Thursday, after his win was announced at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

NFU President Minette Batters said: “When it comes to recognising someone who has done their best to showcase British food and farming over the past 12 months, no one has earned this award more than Jeremy Clarkson.

“It’s been such a challenging time for British farming over the past 12 months; our farmers have kept shelves stocked with British food and dealt with extreme weather.

“Now, they are battling labour shortages, supply chain disruption and rising costs, which are causing severe problems for essential food producing businesses. Through all this, Jeremy has been a vocal champion.”

Over the moon with his unexpected win, the TV star sent a video “thank you” to the National Farmer’s Union after winning the accolade.

In his acceptance speech, Jeremy said: “It feels really weird. I’ve never even been nominated for a Bafta in 30 years of being on television. And now I don’t want a Bafta anymore.

“I’ve achieved everything! This is great, honestly. I’m so glad so many people enjoyed the show.”

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