'NCIS': Is CBS Taking Mark Harmon Or Pauley Perrette's Side In Their Feud?

NCIS star Mark Harmon’s feud with Pauley Perrette has officially spiraled out of control and it will not be long before CBS is forced to take a side. A few weeks ago, Perrette accused Harmon of physically assaulting her on the set of the popular crime drama. In response to the allegations, Harmon allegedly told CBS to keep Perrette quiet or he will be forced to take legal action against his former co-star.

Mark Harmon goes on the offensive

Inside sources claim that Harmon threatened to hire a lawyer if CBS executives failed to get a handle on Perrette. The NCIS star, who is one of the highest paid actors in television, was shocked when Perrette accused him of body checking her on the set. Harmon told the network execs that they needed to prevent Perrette from making further accusations if they wanted to avoid a lawsuit.

“Mark told them he hasn’t hired a lawyer — yet, but is readyto take legal action if she continues to claim he assaultedand intimidated her!” an insider shared.

Taking to Twitter, Perrette revealed that she is stillterrified of Mark Harmon and would never consider returning to the show becauseof his behavior. The actress, who is getting ready for the premiere of her ownshow on CBS, also noted that she still has nightmares about what happenedbetween her and Harmon.

Perrette left the series after Season 15 amid reports of agrowing feud with Harmon. Their fight reportedly started after Harmon brought adog to the set and the pet attacked a member of the crew.

Will CBS take Mark Harmon’s side?

According to multiple sources, Harmon denies assaultingPerrette on the set of NCIS. Theactor, who has been on the show since the very beginning, claims that Perretteis lying about what happened. He also thinks the situation has gottencompletely out of control and wants CBS to step in before it is too late.

Unfortunately, the feud has put CBS executives in a difficult spot. Perrette is starring on her own show on the network, titled Broke, while Harmon is continuing his run on NCIS for a 17th season.

That said, Harmon is more important to CBS than Perrette,and his series remains one of the most popular shows on television. In fact,sources believe that CBS is fully prepared to back Harmon if Perrette continuesto lash out on social media.

Exactly what this means is yet to be seen, but it is clearthat the network has a PR nightmare on their hands, especially if what Perretteclaims is true.

The origins of Pauley Perrette and Mark Harmon’s feud

Harmon’s relationship with Perrette started to unravel inthe spring of 2016. At the time, Harmon’s dog allegedly attacked an NCIS staffer. The crew member was bittenin the face and needed stitches to close a cut around his eye.

Perrette reportedly complained to the network after Harmoncontinued to bring his dog to the set. From Perrette’s view, Harmon got wind ofher complaints and tried to intimidate her at work. This resulted in the “bodycheck” incident Perrette alluded to on social media.

CBS has not commented on Perrette’s latest accusations, butthe network did release a statement in regards to the dog attack shortly afterher exit. CBS revealed that they had received complaints from Perrette andworked hard to ensure a safe work environment. Perrette later thanked CBS fortaking her complaints seriously and keeping staff members safe.

Perrette takes to the defense

Perrette has since deleted her most controversial tweets about Harmon. Although she has not tweeted any more bombshells about the NCIS star, she did defend her decision to stand up to Harmon in the first place.

After releasing a new promo trailer for her new show,Perrette added that she felt like she needed to tell the truth and does regretmaking the accusations. She then told her followers that she is looking forwardto the premiere of her new show and cannot wait to move on to the next chapterin her life.

Mark Harmon, who is currently gearing up for the new seasonof NCIS, has not responded toPerrette’s allegations, and chances are he never will.

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