Naked Katie Price grabs her boobs and writhes around wearing nothing but a hat

Katie Price, we're sorry to report, is At It Again.

The former glamour model stripped completely naked for a nude photoshoot, in which she writhed around on the grimy floor and grabbed her boobs wearing nothing except an enormous hat.

The 41-year-old mum of five took no notice of what shocked passersby would have thought as she groped her own breasts and arched her back in faux ecstasy.

Katie wasn't shy about letting it all hang out as she lay down on her back on the dirty ground and rolled around, letting her long brunette extensions mop up all the dust and bits of foliage.

She was out in Turkey to get her recent surgery scars checked over by her plastic surgeon, but thought to squeeze in a bit of naked modelling as she continues to shoot her upcoming 2020 calendar.

The busty model had to use the giant sombrero to hide her various scars and sores as she's recently undergone a boob reduction – taking her number of boob jobs close to 20.

She's also had another face lift after her previous one left her looking "f**ked up" when she claimed it was botched.

Katie, who took her young kids Jett and Bunny away with eldest son Harvey, seemed happy to show off her body just months after saying she "hated" it and called herself "disgusting" for putting on a stone and a half in weight.

The three-times-divorced star posed without her 'engagement' ring, which she claimed her ex Kris Boyson gave her when she announced she was ready to marry for the fourth time on a live episode of Loose Women.

Katie told how personal trainer Kris, who she'd been dating since May 2018, had bought the diamond ring "for that finger", but eagle-eyed fans spotted a very similar looking ring she's actually been wearing for years.

Since splitting from Kris by a text while she was out partying in Turkey, Katie has made no secret of her new romance with toyboy Charlie Drury.

The hunky 22-year-old builder joined Katie in Turkey behind Kris' back, having shared a picture of his passport on what looked remarkably like Katie's bed earlier this month.

He was then pictured in the back of a van with a boozy-looking Katie after a wild night out in Turkey.

Charles has since made a thinly veiled dig at his new love's ex as he appeared to accuse Kris of cheating on Katie while they were together.

He also seemed to suggest he could be the man of Katie's dreams.

Charles liked an Instagram post that read: "I wonder how many girls have ignored the man of their dreams while they were busy being loyal to a cheating gobs**te."

Katie Price's representatives denied to comment.

It's claimed the dishy hunk has even been staying in Katie's mansion just a week after their romance took off.

Kris is believed to feel "totally humiliated" by the drama and was spotted last week throwing all of Katie's belongings out of his Kent home.

He was supposed by a pal as he loaded bin bags stuffed full of toys, cushions and other stuff belonging to Katie into the back of his car, looking utterly defeated.

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