Monty Don: Gardeners’ World host responds to ‘awful’ Chris Packham plea ‘I hate it’

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Monty Don, 70 acknowledged a post from Chris Packham that despaired over hedges in the UK being chopped down and “starving”  the redwing birds that had flown to the UK from Scandinavia. The Gardeners World presenter shared the Autumnwatch star’s angered sentiment, as he agreed that the current state of affairs is “awful”.

It is sad to see such a sight

Monty Don

Chris typed on Twitter: “Hello I’m a Redwing. I’ve just flown here from Scandinavia to feast on your winter berries.

“But look . . . oh well, I’ll just starve then. 

“Please tell me how anyone can think that this sort of vandalism is sustainable or compatible with conservation values,” he added.

Monty retweeted the post from the naturalist and typed alongside it: “Awful. I hate it.”

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One fan replied to the horticulturist: “It may not be to your liking as a conservationist. 

“But there could be valid reasons why it had to be done, at this stage. However, it’s not great and shouldn’t be really the way to go. It is sad to see such a sight.”

However, Monty explained that he does not mind hedges being cut down “per se” but was unhappy with the manner in which these particular bushes appear to have been chopped.

The famed gardener continued: “It is not cutting hedges per se that I mind (although that is not straightforward) but the manner in which it is done. 

“There is a brutal carelessness about it that is symbolic of a whole mindset.”

It appeared that the hedges had been maintained by a flail cutter, that some prefer to use over using hand tools for their ability to quickly tackle dense areas.

Another fan who was confused over how the hedges had ended up that way, commented: “I am baffled by how? Did they manufacture their own tornado? 

“It looks like they put a giant wood chipper down over the top of it. It makes no sense,” they added.

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Monty explained how a flail cutter had smashed the bush, instead of just severing the stems.

“A giant woodchipper is effectively what it is – in fact a flail cutter that smashes rather than severs the stems,” he responded.

The gardening expert has recently wrapped filming on this year’s Gardeners’ World.

The programme airs every year on BBC and shows the presenters take viewers around their homes to offer gardening advice.

Monty is an extremely popular star on the show and recently spoke on living with depression, that can be worse in the winter when it begins to feel “bleak” outdoors.

The TV star divulged that he has felt better over the “last few years”, as he admitted his “physical connection” with nature can aid his mental health.

Monty revealed to the BBC: “I have for many years, suffered from depression, which comes and goes but tends to be something that is worse in winter.

“And, touch wood, it’s been much better for the last few years. But for me, the benefits of nature are all about the physical connection with the rhythm of the natural world.”

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