Mia Reviews “Friends” The Musical And Has A MAJOR FASHION MOMENT!!! | Perez Hilton

Daddy and Mia date is JUST WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!!!! Took our not-so-baby four year old to see Friends the musical parody, playing now at Center Theatre Group’s Kirk Douglas Theater in Culver City! Our old Full House The Musical pals Tobly McSmith and Bob McSmith are responsible for this show too, now on tour across America! We were afraid Mia would fall asleep or want to come home at intermission! How did things pan out? Watch to find out! Plus, check out our whole day in this vlog, as well as Mia‘s review of the show!

AND feast your eyes on her red carpet look!

She is such a star! It won’t be long until I’m her plus one at events!! Watch!

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