Meghan Markle Said She Doesn't Want People to Love Her

Unfortunately, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry recently had to file lawsuits because so many publications are being downright racist toward Meghan and have attacked them for the most ridiculous things. With all the drama that’s followed them through the last couple of years, it’s clear that a lot of people don’t like them. But good news! Meghan couldn’t care less! And she said just as much when she spoke with The Telegraph this week.

In a new interview, Meghan opened up about what the public thinks of her, and she reportedly said, she doesn’t “want people to love her.” All she cares about is if they respect her, mmkay? (Also, wow. Anybody else’s parents used to say this to them as a moody teenager?) And since Meghan has dedicated her life to bringing attention and more resources to important causes and organizations, she wants people to focus on that instead.

In talking about royal protocol and the formalities that people are expected to use around her, she added that she doesn’t mind if you call her Duchess Meghan, Meghan Markle, The Actor Who Put Suits on the Map, whatever! She’s not concerned with fancy titles and just wants people to be themselves around her. Addressing a group of women at Luminary Bakery, a bakery that trains and employs disadvantaged women, she explained:

And to further prove that she’s not concerned with royal protocol, she actually “breached” it when she gave this one-on-one interview to the newspaper, something Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and Kate Middleton never do.

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