McKayla Adkins, Former Unexpected Star, Pregnant with Baby #3!


That didn’t take long.

On Saturday night, McKayla Adkins surprised social media followers by announcing she’s pregnant with her third child.

The announcement took many folks aback for a couple reasons.

First, Adkins is 20 years old.

Second, Adkins only just got engaged two weeks ago.

Third, Adkins is getting married only two weeks from now!

The ex-reality star has a whole lot going on these days, doesn’t she?

“I’ll be married in 2 weeks and have a baby in 9 months, life couldn’t be more complete,” McKayla captioned a video showing her positive pregnancy test over the weekend, along with her tiny baby bump.

McKayla, of course, already has a son and a daughter by her ex Caelan Morrison.

For this latest pregnancy, she told her followers that she isn’t very farr along… she simply couldn’t contain her enthusiasm and had to share the blessed news.

“I’ll be five weeks on Monday,” Adkins wrote on Instagram. “We’re nervous to share [because] it’s so early but we’re so excited.”

The mother and wife-to-be starred on the first season of Unexpected, which is basically TLC’s answer to Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

Just like the stars of those MTV reality shows, the 20-year old has been faced with a number of questions and concerns regarding her personal life.

Where, for example, do things stand with Morrison?

And her two current children?

“I’m just going to answer this rn lol I have full custody of BOTH my kids,” she told followers on Saturday.

“They BOTH live with ME and ALWAYS have. Idk why/when this started becoming a popular question??? A

“lso, my grandparents don’t take care of my kids lol they babysit sometimes be they’re the only people I trust with my kids.

“I’ve been living on my own with my children since 2019.”

Was she taken by surprise by this third pregnancy?


“The only reason we found out so early is because we were trying,” she explained in the comments of a TikTok video.

“My fiance and I did plan this baby. But for a long time we were preventing it because we weren’t ready.”

What about McKayla’s previous statement about not wanting any more kids?

“Yeah, I let the negative experience from my other pregnanc[ies] get in the way of what I wanted,” she told fans.

“But my husband and I are super happy with our decision.”

Finally, some observers couldn’t help but wonder how Adkins will keep making money.

She brings in most of her income at the moment via scantily-clad videos and photos on OnlyFans and, well, her body is about to get a lot bigger.

It’s all good, Adkins said in response, though, because she’s “gotten more subscribers” to her page of late and there are “people who enjoy this kind of stuff.”

“I’m not worried about my income,” she added. “I have plenty of money saved away so we’re all good in that department.”

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