Mama June and Geno Doak Spotted at Florida Golden Corral

Mama June and her boyfriend have left the state of Georgia and are feeling golden … as in, craving some grub from Golden Corral.

June and Geno Doak were spotted at the buffet chain restaurant midday Monday in Port St. Lucie, Florida … about 110 miles north of Miami. We’re told the couple showed up at the GC with about 25 other people, but the large group’s affiliation was unclear.

Folks at the restaurant tell us Mama and Geno were left to enjoy their lunch in peace — though patrons knew they were in the company of the troubled reality star and her BF, nobody bothered them.

The Florida sighting’s interesting because when we last heard of June’s whereabouts she was pawning a diamond ring in Stockbridge, GA in January … and she and Geno were hotel hopping in Georgia before that.

As we reported … June posted she’s “back at it” a few weeks ago on Instagram, adding that she misses and loves her kids. Her family didn’t really buy it at the time, and as we told you … June’s not an active participant in WE tv’s upcoming show, “Mama June From Not To Hot: Family Crisis.”

Obviously, June still hasn’t parted ways with Geno like her family has been hoping, but on the bright side … at least they’re eating well. Those buffets have it all.

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