Ludacris Says He's Spreading Positivity Because The World Needs It

Ludacris is currently beaming with positivity — even if the world is drenched in negativity.

We ran into Chris Lova Lova out in NYC … defending Snoop Dogg‘s gray dreadlocks and pounding the pavement in support of the 3rd season of his Netflix children’s special “Karma’s World” and he says the overall goal is to spread light and energy in the places that need it the most.

It’s been a helluva career for Luda, one he tells TMZ Hip Hop he can’t believe bounced from blockbuster rap albums and movies to dropping his own toy line.

Luda, ever the proud Girl Dad with four daughters, also connected with Barbie toymaker Mattel for a line of ‘Karma’s World’ dolls — with accessories ranging from microphones, portable stereos, high fashion sneakers — y’know, everything needed for ladies to become the next big thing in rap!

Back in May, he received an honorary degree from Georgia State University — the campus that bred his platinum-selling ambition and has been on a wave of good cheer ever since.

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