Lisa from Blackpink’s transformation is turning heads

How did Lisa from K-Pop girl group Blackpink go from an unknown to a global superstar with 38.1 million Instagram followers? According to Facebook, Lisa was born under the name Pranpriya Manoban in Bangkok, Thailand. She later changed her name to Lalisa. When she 13 years old, she entered a competition in Thailand for South Korea’s YG Entertainment company (via French Vogue). She was the only one signed out of 4,000 candidates. From there, she moved to Seoul, South Korea, to become a trainee for the entertainment company. 

Her training was no cakewalk. Billboard reports that she trained seven days a week, 12 hours a day, and was graded every month on her singing, dancing, and rapping skills. “Lisa would always get A’s for everything,” her now-bandmate Jennie said. After five years of hard work, which included performing in a dance group with her fellow trainees, she took the stage name Lisa and joined Blackpink, which launched in August 2016. Today, she’s famous for her unbelievable dance moves, and she’s the most-followed K-pop star on Instagram. 

Blackpink's Lisa has legs that went viral

You can see some of Lisa’s famous dance moves at her YouTube channel, where she posts solo performances and travelogues. This past April, she became a meme when one of her videos, “LILI’s FILM #3 – LISA Dance Performance Video”, showed off her incredible legs. According to Insider, the Twitter-verse started taking a screenshot of her legs and combining it with other recognizable characters like Luigi and Spock. Even celebrities got in on the fun. Stephen Colbert and Dolly Parton were among the stars who posted themselves with Lisa’s incredible legs (Dolly definitely pulled it off better!). The original video has almost 37 million views. 

Plus, on August 28, Blackpink is dropping “Ice Cream,” the groups much-anticipated collaboration with Selena Gomez. “I’m so stoked,” said Gomez (via YouTube). “This is a big big dream for me.” We can’t wait.

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