Lily James & Dominic West Might Actually Be Fined for Their PDA-Filled Outing in Rome

Lily James and Dominic West could actually be in trouble for their PDA-filled day in Rome earlier this month.

The two actors, who have been filming the upcoming movie The Pursuit of Love (in which they play father and daughter), were seen engaging in some PDA while going for a tandem scooter ride in Rome.

The issue here is that you’re not allowed to ride tandem on an e-scooter in Rome, and the actors also violated coronavirus restrictions, according to a new report. There’s a chance they could be fined for their actions.

Local councilor Stefano Marin told The Sun, “The law is quite clear — riding tandem on an e-scooter is forbidden. It’s a breach of the highway code and a breach of the new Covid laws. You are supposed to maintain social distance and riding tandem on a scooter is not keeping social distance. Now we have been made aware of this we shall be investigating. The law is equal for all.”

One day after those photos made headlines, Dominic and his wife made a united front by posing for photos outside of their home and sharing a kiss for the photographers.

Earlier this week, more photos of Lily and Dominic together emerged.

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